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Through years of experience working with more than 1000 top companies in the world, we ́ve architected the Readynez method for learning.
Train in any technology using the award-winning Readynez method and combine any variation of learning style, technology and place, to take learning ambitions from intent to impact.

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‘’The future belongs to those who are ready for it’’

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Delivering on the Promise of Making Digital Skills Work

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"When it comes to digital transformation, the single most important determining factor is the leadership.
Needless to say, industry, culture and actual tech all matter, but these things tend to be similar across competitors. Whereas the mindset, value and competence of your leadership will be the main differentiator.

Successful leaders in the Skills-First Economy drive change from the top, avoid the “Great Training Robbery” and never again spend on skills without a plan.

It’s time for an integrated approach to putting Skills first. It all starts with each and every one of us and the people we are responsible for developing."

Frank Højgaard CEO Readynez.

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Avoid the Great Training Robbery

When training is not planned from the top, time and money are wasted in large volumes. HBR.org refers to that mechanism as the “Great Training Robbery”. You can avoid it by driving change from the top, integrated to the business requirements and you get a competitive edge over the slow starters. 

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To futureproof your organization now, you will need Talent that can be trained for the NEXT wave of technology. You want talent with hungry minds, trained to fit your requirements. Experience is temporary, but intellectual curiosity is a permanent asset. You´ll soon learn that talent can be trained to do anything.

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One Platform for Digital Skills

Now, the speed of change requires a continuos approach to the Learning, Certification and Compliance of your people. Readynez365 is the only Learner Experience Platform (LXP) built for the Skills-first economy. Integrate all Learning Assets and Analytics for Digital Skills in one place for sustainable Transformation. 

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Voices of the Skills-First Economy

Get inspired by leaders in the know

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3 Weeks from idea to deliveries - 5 different Tracks - 394 Seats

In 3 weeks Readynez developed a training series consisting of 5 different training programs -with a total of 394 seats -targeted towards certification.

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How ALSO re-thinks the approach to skills acquisition

Small adjustments to your current Talent strategy will not be enough to avoid the current skills crisis, and the cost of inaction is staggering.

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INVID powers their digital transformation

How to train & Certify a whole team of people quickly, without losing a lot of revenue, when they are out of production and away on training.

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EG speeds up innovation with fresh Talent

The untested Talents bring a positive attitude and a mindset for change that enables unique contributions. In Synergy, seniors and juniors make a better team.

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Readynez365 offers flexibility and scalability

Readynez has created a unique dashboard where PrintVis can monitor the partners' consumption of learning and provide support when needed.

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Enabling Digital Transformation with a 360 degree solution

To ensure a successful digital transformation this company was keenly aware, that not only training, but also learner analytics tools, were needed.

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1000+ companies trust Readynez to power their Digital Transformation with Skills Services that work.


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How the skills-first economy is crushing or improving your profitability (Surveys revealed)


McKinsey reveals: Top 3 responses to your Tech Skills Crisis


Tech Leaders, beware of the Great Training Robbery.




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